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Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!

From the Officers and Firefighters of the Johnson City Fire Department


JC Firefighters are conducting our annual NY State fire safety inspections for all businesses in Johnson City


9-11 Remembrance Ribbon 1st Governmental Agency in Broome Co. to Provide Online Informational Services!

Administration & Training
320 Harry L. Drive
Johnson City, NY 13790-1403
(607) 729-9512
Fax: (607) 729-2187

Fire Prevention & Investigation
Public Education
"Juvenile Firesetters Intervention"
320 Harry L Drive
Johnson City, NY 13790-2565
Voice & Fax: (607) 729-0428

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Memorial Day
Memorial Day at The Wall

It's not just another day for a picnic

It's not just another day for a picnic

Welcome to the Johnson City New York Fire Department ... dedicated and committed to providing the highest level of service possible to those we serve.


"Civil Disobedience demands Civil Liability"

"Tot Finder Stickers" - Should I use a "Tot Finder" sticker in the window of my child's room?

Did you know that . . .
* Eighty-percent of all burn injuries and deaths are preventable?
* More than 250,000 children (ages 0-17) are burned each year?
* More than 15,000 children are hospitalized as a result of their burn injury?
* More than 1,100 children die each year from fire and burn injuries?
* More than 200,000 children are burned by contact with hot substances and objects?
* More than one million people are treated for burn injuries each year in the U.S.?

Links - to information on terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction preparedness.

Urban Legends - Static electricity is causing vehicle fires while they are being fueled. Fact or fiction?